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 hape, a few days later customer satisfaction on the other side of the world will certainly wilt.once cut, flowers become highly perishable and every second counts thereafter. in fact, the dutch flower auctions are a combination of stock exchange mayhem and a tense, businesslike atmosphere.prior to the start of each auction, buyers are free to view and sniff (but not touch) the flowers. most buyers, however, concentrate on price and market considerations, trusting the judgment of the auction's professional inspectors. cut, bunched and already stacked aboard standard three or fourtier wheeled carts, flowers of every color and description arrive at the climatecontrolled auction throughout the evening and early morning hours. from alstroemerias to zinnias, each batch is inspected and, hundreds of flowerfilled carts are coupled together into long trainlike processions. chaindriven tow bars are built into slotted tracks in the concrete floor to guide the l
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